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Welcome to TakeTwo Apps

Here at TakeTwo I focus on using simple code examples to develop functional Chrome apps.

New! Try live demo versions of all my apps at my LevelFour domain. If you would like to access content made for smartphones then visit my PhaseThree domain.

View our reviews on Hot Scripts Be sure to check out, and even vote for, my code examples over at Hotscripts. To visit Hotscripts click here.

Build a Globe Build a Globe is here! Build your own custom snow globe and email the link to friends and love ones.Build your own custom snow globe.

Android Apps Also be sure to check out my Android apps over at Google Play. To visit Google Play click here.

Please note that I will be posting much more in depth details about each new Chrome app over at my blog. I will also be writing about various ideas I run accross, and much more other cool stuff. Be sure to stop by soon and see what's new!
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